Sunday, January 10, 2016


I know I've mentioned this somewhat before, but here we go:  When you feel like a second class citizen.  When the way you identify yourself is when you think of Al Gore's book An Inconvenient Truth.  I know the book is old and about global warming, but it's relevant here.
In America we think of the disabled as a entitled few.  Let me tell you, if you are disabled, you are entitled to a life of what if, and what shoe will drop.  You are constantly on guard, you have unreasonable amounts of fear, and you feel typecast.

1.  Your value is determined by how much you ask of the government.  It is not a right to visit your siblings in another state.  You can show them your medical devices card, and it doesn't matter.  The process of being violated in so many ways.  Some of which is too graphic to describe here.  Flying is a "privilege" not a right.  So is seeing my family a "privilege"  For a country that preaches family values, we aren't too family oriented.

2.  To those who question my patriotism:  Don't dare.  Your level of patriotism has no bearing on this issue.  I showing my patriotism by showing displeasure with its policies.

3.  Is this the land of the free, and In God we Trust?  Are we just a nation that caters to a privileged few, and only in election years, are the needs of masses even addressed.  Thank you Bernie Sanders.  You may not dethrone a Clinton, but you've earned my respect for never wavering on who you are sir.
Are we a nation of In God we Trust, maybe and maybe not.  Many in our country sincerely believe we are, but sometimes I wonder if we are.  Our political system lacks decorum.  It lacks civility.  It lacks kindness, gentleness, and love.  Some of the many fruits of the Spirit do not show.  The political candidates except Sanders, make me wonder what God might be thinking.

4.  We don't love our neighbor, until he or she proves useful.  When they cease being useful we throw them away.  We forgotten how to like one another, yet love one another.

Just a thought
God Bless,


  1. I know a few years ago for an HR class I was taking in my Masters we had to choose a law that we felt was the most important and I chose the ADA. I think that so many are ignorant when it comes to that particular act, and many of my classmates proved that with the comments they made.

    # 4 here is so on point.


  2. I like number 4, Regine. So many neighbors don't seem to get along today, it's sad.