Monday, January 4, 2016

Good Guys

This weekend, the Carolina Panthers finished out the season with a win, wrapping up home field throughout the playoffs. As exciting as that is, I'd like to focus on something even better.  After each touchdown, the ball used to score the touchdown is given to a child in the stands. The child receiving the ball will always remember the game fondly.  The team is loved for the gesture.  What could be better.  In a culture of overpaid athletes, one simple act, engenders a team to the community it represents.
Rooting for a touchdown score, now has a new meaning.
God Bless,


  1. I went to that other school in Alabama that Cam Newton did not go to, so I have tried really hard to dislike him, but he seems to be such a genuinely good guy that I just can't. You are right about the small price for a boatload of community goodwil!

  2. Well now, that's better than a touchdown dance (banned by the NFL because they were considered displays of excessive happiness). Extending joy to a child definitely is much more meaningful.